Obstetric Web Appointments Now Live

April 12, 2019

Obstetric Web Appointments is now live

This new module integrates natively with the Contrast appointments book and allows you to take 24/7 obstetric and gynaecological appointments.

Naturally being from Contrast Imaging, it is super clever and provides you with the confidence that the patient understands everything about the procedure they require.  It is fully configurable meaning that you can decide whether you open up one room at one location or 5 rooms at every location to web appointment bookings.  Aside from all the usual patient related information that is received, the patients gestational age is calculated from EDD or LMP, and recommended appointment dates are made based on the procedure required.  Some of the key features of this incredible module are:

  • Fully configurable procedure lists.  You may not wish to allow certain procedures bookable via the web (e.g. CVS/Amnio).
  • Fully configurable Web Names for those procedures (e.g. 13 week anatomy scan)  – they don’t have to be your internal procedure name (e.g. T1)
  • Fully configurable Important Information about the procedure
  • Ability to automatically confirm the appointment with an SMS
  • Automatically emails associated procedure PDF documents (e.g. Morphology procedure information)
  • Limit false appointments.  Requires mobile phone and confirmation code to be entered prior to the appointment being confirmed.
  • Ability to automatically upload or take a photo (if using your phone) of your referral form and includes it with the appointment and ultimate request when the patient arrives for procedure.

All of this means great time savings for your busy reception/appointments staff and a much higher level of convenience for your patients.  Talk to us today about implementing this at your Obstetric imaging clinic.