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Complete Women’s Imaging Practice and Imaging Solution

We know Womens Imaging and we know your workflows.  The Contrast Women’s Imaging ONE solution is the premier complete workflow solution for obstetrics imaging organisations.  It contains all of the incredible functionality of the Contrast ONE RIS PACS solution and adds on workflows specific for obstetrics along with the premium features that make your patient and referrer relationships stronger.  Contrast Imaging Solutions is renowned to be the innovative choice for complete workflow solutions for Obstetric Imaging organisations and was the first product of its kind in Australia to be sending images directly to patient mobile phones at the time of the scan, along with other incredible features including:

  • Obstetric Web Appointments.  An incredible module that allows you to take appointments 24/7 whilst maintaining full control of your appointment book and in consideration of all the complexities (e.g. dates, information leaflets etc) associated with obstetric appointments.
  • Instant Messaging of Patient Images to any device.  Since 2010 we have offered the ability to send images directly to a patients mobile phone and this has not changed since then.  Images can be sent by MMS or via a web link to all or specific images only.
  • Measurements from ultrasound machines can be automatically populated into your diagnostic reports
  • Automatic consideration of procedures that are waiting on pathology.
  • Growth chart graphing using information straight from the ultrasound machines
  • This list continue to grow daily thanks to our incredible women’s imaging organisations taking advantage of this solution over the last decade.


ONE complete Women’s Imaging Solution encompassing a full Practice Management System, Intelligent Obs/Gynae Reporting, PACS, Secure Web Referrer Images and Electronic Report Delivery Domains.

ONE Experienced Support Team for ALL your Questions – no matter what the question is!

ONE Streamlined Workflow and Statistics Engine helping to Improve your Patient Experience and Referrer Relationships.

ONE Configurable Solution for ALL Imaging Organisations from the Smallest of Women’s Clinics to the largest of Hospital Departments

Work the Way you Want

The Women’s Imaging ONE Solution provides you with the means and flexibility to structure your workflow in the way you want to work.

An additional option is the powerful in-built obstetric and gynae templates we call “Teleios”.  These incredible electronic templates allow you to reduce risk, streamline your sonographer/doctor workflows, and allow you to have consistent reports across your reporting doctors.  Alternatively, just use traditional document templates and have your ultrasound measurements as merge fields directly into your document.

Strengthen your Patient Relationships

The Women’s Imaging ONE Solution provides your obs patients with unique benefits including the ability for you to easily MMS (send) an image of their scanto their mobile phone at the time of procedure so they can instantly share their excitement with family and friends.

Strengthen your Referrer Relationships

The Women’s Imaging ONE Solution provides your referrers with secure direct web access to their patient images and reports.
The Web Referrer System supports ALL major web browsers including iPhone and Android Mobile Phones.

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